Billion people regularly trade the foreign exchange every day through forex trading platform, one of them is marketiva.
Why marketiva?are you sure this is the best platform for me? below the advantage of using marketiva:

1. Instant free $5 when you open an account in marketiva to start your first forex trading on marketiva.

2. streamster software, this software is interface for you to sign a trade in foreign exchange market. You can get it when you sign up your account of you can get it later. this software is usefull to help you open sell or buy in real time mode, so you can make right decision at all time.

3. Customer support, marketiva provides you an 24 hours online customer support to help you using marketiva streamster’s, you can ask many question related to marketiva, and they will answer you.

4. Discussion with another member, from marketiva streamster chat board, you can discuss with another member and expert about your trade and perhaps some tips to encrease your trade.

5. In marketiva you can start your first forex trading with only $1, you will not to spend much money to start your trade, this platform help many people to join foreign exchange trade with small deposit.

HOW TO SIGN-UP ? (step by step)
1. Open an account for MARKETIVA(Free)
2. Account Identification
3. Download a Streamster software
4. Open an accoont for E-Gold or E-Bullion account. INFORMATION
5. Login to your account with a Streamster Software
6. Let’s go trading forex.

To get more information about marketiva and its streamster, you can join the chat board in marketiva streamster.

To learn about forex trading, you can use the virtual account which provided by marketiva. This account gives you some virtual money to open trade virtually (but it really looks like real condition) you can learn about foreign exchange market movements on it.

This job offers you a big income, but also brings you a risk depends on how you trade and where you get trade in (I mean a currency you trade in). It’s all up to you, therefore to increase your skill in trading and get more income from forex, get learn and learn. You can learn it from many sources about forex trade over the internet or you can buy some books that will teach you how to get money from the forex trade.

Thank You..

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